Lunaescence 2.0



Revamp In Development

Lunaescence Archives is getting a revamp: expect brand new features, interfaces and extended functionality. There will be no loss of content, as all accounts, stories, and content will be transferred to the revamp upon launch. Keep an eye on site announcements for details and dates, and be sure to check back once the timer ends to see the new and improved Lunaescence Archives.

As a special thank you for their support, all contributors to the site’s fundraiser will receive Early Access to Lunaescence’s Revamp before its official opening.


Planned Features

  • Chapter Scheduling: Schedule when chapters are posted. Set new chapters to automatically post at a time and date of your choosing.
  • Profile Customization: Further customize your user profile with new features such as Cover Images.
  • Groups: Create and moderate Groups with self-contained posts and image galleries.
  • And more~


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